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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 3

It's what all overseas tourists fear most...

I spent a decent workday, we turned over the task of completing the phase 3 project to myself and teams back stateside. Conf calls and log gathering with some new things to work on tommorrow.

For Lunch, we had more engineers meet me in person for the first time, Batata and Murillo.They took me to the famed Brazilian BBQ, Rodizios! Where it is all you can eat meat on skewers, varying from Hump of Bull, to Chicken Heart to Pasta and Quail Eggs. More below...

Murillo being a fellow guitarist, he and I plan on shopping for an Epiphone for him Saturday, and who knows, maybe I will pick up a nylon classical with brazilian woods finally. R$300 is a very common price. Thats about 120 USD! We shall see, I earned it tonight.

As we were leaving the office I felt telltale churning in my stomach as I was heading down the 6 flights of walk-up stairs we have. Nope, no elevator. I stopped off on the third flight to hit u Banheiro. 10 minutes later I was worried. Cramps were setting in. "Corras"

As soon as I made it back to the hotel, I had to go...

I won't go into details, but after conference calls, the cold sweats ( its in the 90s ), bad cramps, muscles hurting everywhere and 14 trips to the at 1:47am I feel like death-warmed-over, only my room and myself ...well you can only imagine the smell.

My wife is rightly worried, but not much I can do except get through, the pressure is all on me now to finish the mission. Thursday is D-Day on this project.

More later...

Nope, still no pics, heavy rain, ungodly heat, cooling off in the evening to about 70.

If there is a god, It is holding the Charmin and laughing.


  1. TMI dude.... TMI... LMAO

  2. O_O

    I'm so sorry!

    The smell... Oh God. Only we would know.

    It's in cases like this that it seems there is no God. :O That's better than the cruel deity one could imagine presiding over such horrors. xP

    By the time you come back, you'll have lost 15 pounds. Bejeebus.

    Anyway, hope you can get that guitar (maybe pick me up some exotic stringed instrument too?) to make up for your suffering.

    Lubb0rz j00. <3

  3. Read the Fine Manual ( or stronger F words can be exchanged )