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Monday, October 17, 2005

Safe and sound.

After leaving my house at 9:05am on Saturday morning, I've arrived in Sao Paulo at 11am on Sunday Morning. WHEW.

No incidents, customs was fine, no horrible lines, all in all a really good trip. I don't think I can ever fly in coach again, after the pampering in Business class all the way here!

First night in the Renaissance was nice. The room is small but well appointed, however the "free" high speed internet is in the club lounge. In room it's R48$ a day! ( thats about 22 bucks a night for slowish DSL!!! )

I paid for a 5 day block only so...

Anyway, first dinner in town was with Greg our WAE and Armando, the customer Telco expert who is my primary interface for all things call flow related. He took us to dinner here.

It's cloudy and misty so no real photos yet. I took a few of the room and view, will see if they are post-worthy later!

Off to work now!

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