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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 5

Day 5 was my first trip to Telefonica corporate in Faria Lima area of Sau Paulo. It was a polar opposite of my current experiences so far and completely impressed me. The areas we drove through were beautiful homes, well-manicured lawns, trees and immaculately clean streets.

The area was very much like Wacker Drive in Chicago only with more traffic.

You really cannot grasp how packed the traffic is. Chicago was the worst I'd experienced in my 40 years...double it, and you have SP.

Their facility was a pretty standard corporate high tech bldg, with various amenities in it, like our old US West Tower. Massage, Manicure, Smoking Terraces, Food, Cappucino machines...much much nicer, than where I'd been thus far.

I had to "create" access to get outlook and skype working but was able to work after that. (wink wink)

Went to lunch with some of the team to a nice German Style restaurant and had a favorite, Beef stroganoff. .... until they served it with rice instead of noodles! Sacrilege! But it was really good anyway, even though I only had a few tablespoons of rice.

I am uploading some of the better shots I have taken so far, and on Day 6, Saturday ( which is really today ) You can see em through the flickr flash applet, just click and view the slideshow or browse the site directly.

Going shopping today, hope to get some things for the kids and look at guitars for Murillo and myself.

Day 4

Day 4 was pretty rough, not even going to go into it. People who are familiar with the situation down here, don't need to hear it either..bleh.

Dinner with Claudio went really well, we talked about working and working with TCS and what a great experience it is and can be ;) It was a very productive evening. I drank too much coffee and didn't sleep till 1:30am ...

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  1. WHOA! WEIRD! I just had Beef Stroganof too! First time in years!!! (But mine had noodles! :P) Lean cuisine, no less....

    What are the odds....